EAP Combined Events – Results

Photo of Adam Helcelet by Alan Currie

The highlight of the meeting was the performance of ADAM HELCELET (CZE) scoring 8,148points in the decathlon, which is in excess of the IAAF World Championship qualifying standard as well as inside the Olympic Qualifying standard of 8100 points


Senior Mens Decathlon RESULTS

Senior Womens Heptathlon RESULTS

U20 Mens Decathlon RESULTS

U20 Womens Heptathlon RESULTS

U17 Womens Heptathlon RESULTS

U15 Girls Pentathlon RESULTS (Sun 26th)

U15 Boys Pentathlon RESULTS (Sun 26th)

U13 Girls Pentathlon RESULTS (Sun 26th)

U13 Boys Pentathlon RESULTS (Sun 26th)


Open track events 25/7/15

100M (-1.2)

1. Ben Stephenson MIDD  10.77

2. Edwin Eshun  BELG  11.29

3. Julian Osei-Bonsu GATE 11.37

4. Wayne Gedge MORP  13.00


200m (+0.5)

1. Ben Stephenson MIDD  21.91

2. Patrick Swan Team East Lothian  22.76

3. Julian Osei-Bonsu GATE 23.13

4. Mark Collier BORDER  23.38

5 Martin Ferguson GATE  24.34



1. Lea Stephenson TYNEDALE 51.87

2. Daniel Njai BLYTH  53.01